New Story for Jazz Fest: Becoming the Boss

THEME: The Passion
DATE:  December 5th, 2013
VENUE:  3020 Royal St.
PRODUCER:  Karen Gardner

In honor of Bruce’s upcoming performance at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Foundation’s Jazz Fest 2014, we hear from Carli Raben about how a true fan is born (to run.) And yes, we realize this is the second consecutive Bonnaroo story we’ve posted…

Down to the River

STORYTELLER: Lindsey Bottinger
THEME: Thrown
DATE:  October 17th, 2013
VENUE:  Fortier Park
PRODUCER:  Karen Gardner

When she was in college, Lindsey Bottinger was a different person. She was devoted to her faith and committed to spreading it among others. But on one sweaty morning on a fateful trip to Spain, an unexpected tryst caused her to reevaluate her priorities.

NEXT EVENT: Thursday, April 3rd: “On The Verge”

Winner Annie Freitas

Annie Freitas @ Alvar

There’s only one thing better than Christmas. It’s Christmas Eve. Next week Bring Your Own provides you with that just-around-the-corner feeling by putting you:

“On The Verge”

(Inspired by last event’s winner, the incomparable Engram Wilkinson)
Sing us a tale of getting THIS close, toe-ing the line, finding yourself at the threshold or about to blow.

Thursday, April 3rd
7:30pm: BYO Cocktail Hour: Food, Beer, Music.
8pm: Stories start

(back at the) Alvar Public Librar Courtyard
913 Alvar St. (Btwn N. Rampart & Burgundy)

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Fernando’s Stowaways



Chairs and blankets. We’ll be on the grass.

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