Down to the River

STORYTELLER: Lindsey Bottinger
THEME: Thrown
DATE:  October 17th, 2013
VENUE:  Fortier Park
PRODUCER:  Karen Gardner

When she was in college, Lindsey Bottinger was a different person. She was devoted to her faith and committed to spreading it among others. But on one sweaty morning on a fateful trip to Spain, an unexpected tryst caused her to reevaluate her priorities.

NEXT EVENT: Thursday, April 3rd: “On The Verge”

Winner Annie Freitas

Annie Freitas @ Alvar

There’s only one thing better than Christmas. It’s Christmas Eve. Next week Bring Your Own provides you with that just-around-the-corner feeling by putting you:

“On The Verge”

(Inspired by last event’s winner, the incomparable Engram Wilkinson)
Sing us a tale of getting THIS close, toe-ing the line, finding yourself at the threshold or about to blow.

Thursday, April 3rd
7:30pm: BYO Cocktail Hour: Food, Beer, Music.
8pm: Stories start

(back at the) Alvar Public Librar Courtyard
913 Alvar St. (Btwn N. Rampart & Burgundy)

In celebration of the upcoming National Library Week! (Apr 13-19)MUSIC
Fernando’s Stowaways



Chairs and blankets. We’ll be on the grass.

To reserve a spot to tell a story, email us at !

New Story: Passover (Girl)Friend

This story was told on September 19th, 2013 at Fortier Park in Bayou St. John, and later produced by Natalie Yahr. The theme of the evening was ‘Distortion’, and here, BYO Producer Nina Feldman admits to flirting with her girlfriend’s grandpa, who didn’t know she was the girlfriend, at a Passover seder. Can’t make this stuff up.

The song you hear at the end is ‘Family Waves’ by Dinosaur Feathers

The NEXT BYO= 2/20/14 @ Bywater Boxing Club

Chris Cromwell

Chris Cromwell

HEROES” (chosen by December’s winner Carli Raben)
Any and everything from role models to anti-heroes to sandwiches.
(Yes, please to anti-sandwich stories.)


BYO Cocktail Hour

Communist Swine Taco Social | Drinks by Bywater Boxing Club
Stories start

617 Piety Street
The Bywater Boxing Club
(Behind Pizza D)

To reserve a spot to tell a story, respond to this email asap! First come first served!

(Don’t) Bring Your Own (‘s Big Ass House) Party

byo six pack message in a bottle_color text_corrected

We’re throwing a big ass house party because BYO likes you. Come transition into the Mardi Gras season, as we host a party at The Aquarium Gallery and Studios (in the Bywater; not that BlackFish deathtrap by Harrah’s), in celebration of Bring Your Own and the stories we share. Suggested donations and sliding scale food and drinks go toward our ongoing efforts to keep this event free and accessible to the public.

8-9pm – Audio and Art Gallery time
10pm – Guest Storyteller
All Night – Party: ridiculously hard.

Taco Time!
The Communist Swine Taco Social is just back from Mexico with tacos for veggie and meat lovers alike. They take whatever $$ you can give, and it’s all going to a good cause so COME HUNGRY!


Big Thanks to the Rendon Inn and Finn McCools for some seriously generous donations to help us achieve ‘Can’t Hardly Wait’ status!

La Musique!

The first half of the evening will feature the wonderful Swamp Lilies playing all your favorites! Followed by Lost in the Holler! Followed by DJ Jamz. So don’t be too cool for the first hour of the party if you want that Ol’ Time String lovin’. And t