WhatHaving (and not having) one, being one, & everything in between

When 5/16/2018

Where New Orleans African American Museum (Outdoors!), 1418 Governor Nicholls

A Queen Within

What YAS QUEEN | KILLER QUEEN | DRAG QUEEN | BEAUTY QUEEN. Stories that reimagine Gender, Conformity, Royalty, & Power
W/ Queen Co-Host Aubrey Edwards!

When 3/23/2018

Where The Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden
1 Collins Diboll Circle

Pipe Dreams

What lofty visions & worst nightmares on New Orleans & flooding, past/present/future. Stories from former S&WB employees, Broad Street business owners, kayak heroes, & more.

When 1/18/2018

Where The St. Bernard Project (2645 Toulouse Street)


Pleasure & Pain

WHAT: 5 stories back2back on the theme. Special guest co-host Jason Jeffers!

WHEN: 11/17/2017

WHERE: Court 13 Arts HQ. 2801 Franklin Avenue

Where Im From BYO Event Picture

The Thing Is

WHAT: #byoOBJECT (in partnership with PROJECT:OBJECT & The Stacks!)
Theme: “The Thing Is…”

WHEN: 9/28/2017

WHERE: The CAC (900 Camp Street)

The Thing Is Featured

Where I’m From

Stories & Music on the theme ‘Where I’m From’
Produced by Jordan Bridges

WHEN: Thursday, June 29

WHERE: The Music Box Village, 4557 N Rampart St.

*Feat. Big Chief HoneySultanMr. BrocatoBlato Zlato, & more! 
After party Spinz by DJ Dad Salad.

Sugar in your Tank: Stories of Queer Resistance

What: “Flamboyant baby, for life”
– Big L

Yup. That’s why we’re linking up with Last Call’s latest: Queer Histories//Queer Futures. It’s only natural that BYO+QHQF deliver:

‘Sugar In Your Tank: Stories of Queer Resistance’
That Lavender Menace/Light in the Loafers Life

When: 5/11/2017

Where: LGBT Community Center

Where Does It Hurt?

What ‘Where Does it Hurt?’ | The NOHD is launching a health equity initiative, and is ready to expand its definition of what ‘health’ means for a city and its residents. This means looking beyond physical illnesses like diabetes, obesity, and heart disease, and broadening horizons to include mental health, trauma, food access, access to healthcare, regular incomes, affordable housing, and education. So together, the NOHD and Bring Your Own (with help from NOCCJ) join forces to ask: What’s chipping away at our health? And what can we do to heal?

When January 12th, 2017

Where Circle Food Store (1522 St Bernard Ave) *in the produce aisle



What BYO is proud to work w/ The Workers Center For Racial Justice & Propeller for a night of stories and celebration to honor the struggle before and ahead of us all.

When December 15, 2016

Where Propeller (4035 Washington Ave)


What deplorable conditions | slimy slumlords | pushed out | pushing back. The struggle and success stories of renters’ rights, told by tenants, lawyers, friends, #neighbors.

When October 20, 2016

Where The Radical Arts & Healing Collective

Plus in partnership with the Fair Housing Action Center

HEARD Why The Young Feel Old

What Eight people (mostly young people!) tell true stories about why they’re tired.

When July 28th, 2016

Where The Homer Plessy Community School at 2021 Pauger Street

Plus with Unprisoned

Freaky Friday Fundraiser

What DON’T BYO- A Freaky Friday Fundraiser

When Friday, May 13th, 2016

Where Beauregard-Keyes House (1113 Chartres Street)

(Not) For The Money

What ….things you did just for the money, or what you did knowing there was no paper at all; rent parties, Japanese commercials, egg selling? You tell us.

When April 21st, 2016

Where The Jazz & Heritage Center (1205 N Rampart Street) *outside

Plus In partnership with NOVAC and the Sync Up Cinema Conference!

Born on Parole

What The reality of living in/in fear of incarceration. This theme was in collaboration w/ WWNO & AIR.

When 3/3/2016

Where Michalopoulos Studio (527 Elysian Fields Avenue)


What We’re chewing with our mouths open to announce, in partnership with Pizza Delicious, a night of your greasiest | cheesiest | sauciest | post-game victorious | 3am blurriness | on-the-go folded-ness | pie to the face tales of everyone’s favorite fresh-from-the-oven lovin’.

When 1/21/2016

Where The Old Ironworks (on Piety btwn Royal+Chartres, across from Pizza D)



What batty|flaky|hasty|blind|reckless|asinine|unconscious|without-rhyme-or-reason
When 11/28/2015
Where The Beauregard-Keyes House as part of Court 13‘s 2nd Annual Always for Pleasure Festival.

Point of No Return

What no turning back | irreversible | hasta la vista, baby
When 10/1/2015
Where Saratoga Street Fruit Tree Orchard

Too Good to be True

What believing the unbelievable | gimmicky | perfect…a little too perfect…
When 8/15/2015
Where Nims Theatre at UNO


What bystander | beholder | first-hand | straight from the horse’s mouth | JUSTICE
When 6/18/2015
Where Wonderland Studios (3233 St. Bernard Ave) ;where your dreams become reality’

Secret Weapon

What Ace in the hole | trick up one’s sleeve | upper hand | leg up…
When 4/2/2015
Where 218 S. Jefferson Davis Avenue

Winners Circle: Can of Worms

What Past BYO champs go head 2 head with their attempts to discover something that creates a litany of other findings/mishaps that weren’t there to begin with….
When 2/26/2015
Where The Broad Theater (636 N. Broad)


What by the bell | by Jesus | the best for last (inspired by this month’s partnership with Southern Rep’s ‘BOUDIN’- a local storytelling project that asks the question: How has New Orleans Music Saved Your Soul?)
When 1/22/2015
Where The Myrtle Banks Building


You Are What You Eat

What What food says about where you come from, & where you stand (or take a less-food-oriented approach…life choices, healthy intentions, self-sabotage…)
When 11/20/2014
Where 725 Howard Avenue


What losing your way | dead ends | untangling+ David Bowie.
When 10-26-2014
Where 3308 Magazine St.

Worth The Wait

What patience that paid off | wasted time| plain old purgatory
When 9/17/2014
Where 915 N. Dupre

Diamond in the Rough

What hard to find | rare but unrefined| full of hidden potential | buried treasure
When 7/31/2014
Where 623 N. Rendon St.

Family Matters

What Generations, degenerates, people sharing stories and genes that are sometimes too close for comfort.
When 6/3/2014
Where 915 N. Dupre

On The Verge

What getting THIS close, toe-ing the line, finding yourself at the threshold or about to blow.
When 4/3/2014
Where 913 Alvar St.


What Role models, anti-heroes, sandwiches
When 2/20/2014
Where Bywater Boxing Club – 617 Piety

The Passion

What Stories of fervent love, lust, crimes of passion, and uncontrollable urges. Or, you know, stories about Jesus’s crucifixion.
When 1/5/2014
Where 3020 Royal St



What What …to the wolves | …under the bus | …off guard | …for a loop or that time you threw a football over that mountain—you decide.
When 10/17/2013
Where Fortier Park


What stretched truths, alternate realities, manipulations
When 9/19/2013
Where Fortier Park

In Hot Water

What Boiling, perhaps.
When 8/1/2013
Where 612 Piety St



When 11/15/2012

Are You Afraid of the Dark?

When 10/21/2012


When 10/1/2012

Oops I Did It Again

When 9/18/2012


When 8/7/2012

Wild Animals

When 7/10/2012