Nina Nina Feldman – Nina is an independent producer living in New Orleans. For Bring Your  Own, she recruits storytellers, scouts venues and serves as an editor for and team member  among our awesome group of producers. She also reports and produces radio pieces  for WWNO.  When she’s not making radio, Nina works as the Program Director for the Bard Early  College in New Orleans. She also co-founded, produces and emcees New Orleans Ladies Arm Wrestling, or NO LAW.

Laine Kaplan-Levenson

Laine Kaplan-Levenson – Laine is a multi-media producer living in New Orleans. She co-runs  BYO  and oversees the post-production of stories. Laine’s also a producer for WWNO, the local  NPR  station and NolaVie. She served as producer for the interactive documentary    project LandofOpportunity and consults on web projects.

Natalie Natalie Yahr - Natalie produces BYO stories for on air and online distribution. She learned  audio  production by co-hosting “Local Dirt” on KDVS (90.3 in Davis, CA), producing field stories  for  “Uprising” on KPFK (90.7 in Los Angeles), and making a radio documentary.  In her work life,  she  teaches adults in GED and pre-GED programs.


 Seth Ludman - Seth was always a thoughtful boy.  He had trouble learning to read, which was  worrisome, but when he learned he could read quite quickly.  He didn’t stop to sound out  each word. Seth was more likely to stay friends with his ex’s than to cut all ties.  He realizes  that this type of bio is exactly the type of thing that you can write in a thoughtless moment  only to find out later that it is the first search result when you Google ‘Seth Ludman’.

Kat Kate Richardson - Kate is from Houston, TX. She is a freelance radio producer and contributor  to WWNO in New Orleans. Her recents projects include the New Orleans Listening Post. She  also teaches Spanish at Delgado Community College.


Zach Young - Zach is a writer and radio producer who’s lived in New Orleans since late 2009. In that time he’s covered topics from high school marching bands to anti-street music ordinances and interviewed everyone from Harry Shearer to Terrence Blanchard. He hosts a weekly traditional jazz program on WWOZ and produces a weekly podcast for Offbeat Magazine. Zach’s other jobs in New Orleans have included dog sitter, pedicabber, and primate zookeeper. He has played clarinet with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band and is currently Louisiana’s #38 chess player.

BYOLucy Rosenblum – Lucy is from San Francisco. She got started in audio production as a volunteer at KALX, UC Berkeley’s campus radio station. In 2011 she moved to New Orleans to work at the Southern Food & Beverage Museum. She currently plays on an ultimate frisbee club team.



Jesse Chanin - Jesse is a teacher, an artist, and sometimes a teaching artist. She produces pieces for  BYO when the planets align though her real multimedia passion is youth radio, which she had an  opportunity to teach this summer through Resurrection After Exoneration. Listen to some of those  youth-produced pieces here. Note: she is holding a child in this photo but it is not her child.

Jamie Jamie Dell’Apa - Jamie’s been a music show host at a half dozen public and commercial radio  stations since the late 1970’s (with a twenty year break for an inconvenient career). He  currently hosts the Saturday midnight to 3am Sunday show on WWOZ. His twenty year break  ended while he was working on my Katrina-damaged roof.  A strange convergence of a roofer  and a visiting friend (who poked his head out of Jamie’s dormer window) and somehow engaged each other in a discussion of the latest digital audio technology.  For a guy who spliced magnetic tape cut with razor blades, this conversation was as stunning as being slapped in the face with a cold mackerel. Since then, Jamie co-founded the New Orleans Listening Lounge and made the initial approach to the BYO crowd about producing the stories for radio.


Jamie Dell’Apa (Guardian Angel), Josh Ente (Design), Fernando’s Hideaway (Music), Rosamund Looney (Beer), Thomas Walsh (Sound), Zach Young (Sound), Communist Swine Taco Stand (Food), My House NOLA (food) Trevor Alan Taylor (Photo), Jack Hopke (Radio)

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